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An invitation to ... reflect, refresh, renew ... and to imagine the possibilities. 

This website is an invitation to reassess your priorities and find a more realistic way of living well. I also invite you to reconsider habitual ways of thinking about weight loss and dieting. We know from our own experiences and from the research that diets don’t work and that good health is not about dress size or a number on the scale. What do you need to live well? I believe that only you can say, and one of my goals is to help you answer that question.


I am a health educator and holistic life coach. My approach draws upon not just mental problem-solving but also on involving your body, your emotions, and your spirit in the transformative process. My practice has a special focus on a “Health At Every Size®” (HAES®) approach. A HAES approach suggests that we can live well by engaging in appropriate self-care practices and learning to love our bodies unconditionally, regardless of shape, size, and ability. The relevant science supports the idea that our health habits and our sense of connection, community, and meaning are more closely related to our health status than weight or BMI.


I hope you will browse this website to learn more about holistic health and HAES principles. Perhaps you would like to learn to love your body unconditionally or to be free of the tyranny of diets and weight obsession. Perhaps you will conclude that doing what you have always done in the past no longer makes sense. Perhaps you would like to find support for that little voice inside telling you that past definitions of success are giving way to a new thirst for connection and meaning. If you would like to talk more about any of these ideas, if you would like to try a free coaching session, or if you are interested in signing up for a workshop or support group, I hope you will contact me.


Many blessings,

Fall Ferguson

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